Our Product Ranges

The following product ranges distributed by Nodal Australia are available for viewing online:

As well as our global brands, such as INSTEON, ebode and X10 � Nodal is also dedicated to sourcing quality, innovative home technology products from around the world and bringing them to the Australian market.

ebode is a quality European brand dedicated to providing customers around the world with innovative and affordable audio visual products, accessories and home technology solutions that enable them to take control of their electronic environments.

INSTEON� is an advanced, dual-mesh home automation system that uses both electrical wiring (power lines) and wireless radio-frequency (RF) to communicate. Dual-mesh technology overcomes the shortfalls affecting many other automation technologies, providing a reliable, responsive, simple (yet powerful) home automation system.

The Conan range of advanced DIY wireless home security alarm systems provides a powerful and feature packed alternative to monitored systems. Features include land-line and/or GSM telephone connectivity, long range secure wireless technology, unobtrusive sensors with hidden aerials, large sensor suite and more. The Conan system is the first choice for many a well researched security installer.