Insteon Hub 2012

Product code: IN2242-522

Product Description

The INSTEON Hub allows control of an INSTEON network from anywhere, through a smartphone, tablet or web browser. It also controls schedules, scenes, SMS/email alerts and more.

  • Control an entire INSTEON network
  • Easily add and control INSTEON devices, setup scenes and run timers
  • Receive event triggered emails and/or text alerts
  • Do all of this from a mobile device (iOS or Android) - from anywhere
  • Free iOS and Android apps for phones and tablets



Product Name: INSTEON Hub
Product Code: 2242-522
Regions: Australia and New Zealand
In the box: INSTEON Hub, AC cord, Ethernet cable, Quick start guide


Powerline Mesh Repeater: Yes
INSTEON Controller: Yes
INSTEON Responder: Yes
Maximum Links: 2,016
Hub as Controller Scenes: 256
Commands (Controller): All
Commands (Responder): All
Software Configurable: Yes

TCP/IP Network

Network Interface: RJ45 Ethernet (10Mbps)
DHCP: Supported
User-Assigned IP: Supported
Dynamic DNS: Supported
Remote DNS Service: Provided automatically by
Port Forwarding for Hub: Automatically configured during setup
Ethernet Port Range Supported: Any of the standard 65k ports


All Configuration: Via mobile apps
Installation / Setup Wizards: Yes, for each device type
Troubleshooting wizards: Included
Mobile device synching: Automatic, via cloud service
Maximum Devices: 100
Maximum Scenes: 100
Maximum Rooms: 100
Maximum Schedules / Timers: 100
Maximum Houses: 1 (more soon)
Maximum Alerts: 100
Maximum Emails: 100
Maximum Texts/SMS: 100
Maximum Email Addresses Per Alert: 10
Maximum Text Numbers Per Alert: 10
Email Address Authentication: Yes
Text Number Authentication: Yes
Sunrise / Sunset Schedules / Timers: Yes
Sunrise / Sunset Celestial Clock: Automatic setup using location service on mobile device
Products Supported: INSTEON devices, INSTEON Cameras, X10
Beep On Button Press: Yes, can be disabled
Manuals and Help Documentation: Embedded in apps plus online

User Interfaces

iOS: Free App - INSTEON for Hub
Android: Free App - INSTEON for Hub
Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 8 , Mozilla Firefox 4 ,Google Chrome 9 , Apple Safari 4


Mounting: Table top or wall mount
Set Button: Included, back panel
Casing: UV stabalized plastic (INSTEON White)
Operating Conditions: Indoors, 0� C to 40� F, up to 85% relative humidity
Dimensions: 180mm W x 38mm H x 102mm D
Weight: 142g
Beeper: Yes
Setup LED: Yes (RGB), Standby (Blue), Blinks on traffic (can be disabled), Dimmable
Ethernet Jack LED: Two Ethernet traffic LEDs on jack, one green, one amber


INSTEON Wireless IP Camera

A high-quality digital IP video camera that adds remote monitoring (including pan/tilt) to your INSTEON system >


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