INSTEON Mini Remote (4-Scene)

Product code: IN2342-532

Product Description

The Mini Remote (4-Scene) is an easy-to-use remote that allows control of INSTEON modules and scenes. Easily turn appliances on/off or raise and lower brightness levels for multiple lights. The Mini Remote is ultra-easy to install and operate, providing the most flexibility for a truly smart home. The LED status indicator blinks green for ON commands and red for OFF commands. The LED indicator will indicate whether a device did not acknowledge the command.

  • Provides wireless remote control for INSTEON controlled lighting and appliances
  • Elegant design and super-easy setup
  • Add a wall switch anywhere, no new junction box or wiring required
  • Raise and lower lighting levels or recall a favourite lighting level - wirelessly
  • Control lights in one room or across the entire house
  • Battery operated - internal rechargeable battery requires no external power
  • 15m range to nearest dual-mesh INSTEON device or Access Point



Product Name: INSTEON Mini Remote (4-Scene)
Product Code: 2342-532
Regions: Australia and New Zealand
In the box: INSTEON Mini Remote (4-Scene)


Scenes: 8 (default), configurable to 4
Scene Configurations: 8 Toggle (default), 8 Always On or 4 On/Off
INSTEON Links: 400
Scene Commands Supported: On /�Off, Fast on / Fast off, Begin brighten / End brighten, Begin dim / End dim
Frequency RF: 921MHz ISM Band
RF Range: 45m
Software Configurable: Yes


LED Type: Two-color: Green and Red
LED During Use: Green Flash Once (On, Bright, Fast On), Red Flash once (Off, Dim, Fast Off), Red Blink for ~3 Seconds (Scene Acknowledge Missing)
Setup Memory: Non-volatile EEPROM


Casing: UV stabalized plastic (INSTEON White)
Operating Conditions: Indoors / Outdoors, 0� C to 48� F, up to 85% relative humidity
Dimensions: 33mm W x 66mm H x 10mm D
Weight: 23g


Power: 3.7 VDC Lithium Polymer, Rechargeable, non-replaceable
Battery Charge Hold Duration: 9-12 months based on average 16 button presses per day (will decrease over time)
Battery Recharging Cycles: >500
Recharging Jack: Standard, Micro-USB, 5VDC
Recharging Time: 1 hour
Certification: Approved for use in Australia and New Zealand


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