ebode Universal Remote Control - 6in1 IR/RF

Product code: TAKE6IR-RF

Product Description

The modern ebode TAKE 6 IR/RF universal remote control is designed to control up to 6 audio visual devices: TV, DVR, DVD, STB, AUDIO, or any other device (including Foxtel/Austar) under the AUX mode key. It works with present and future equipment as it contains an extensive pre-programmed code library and features IR learning capability.

With the easy to use 'Macro' function, you can switch all devices to the desired setting with just one press of a button. Sturdy, light-weight and modern design that is nicely balanced so it no only looks good, it feels great to hold and use.

The ebode TAKE6 IR/RF Universal Remote Control features built-in wireless RF (radio-frequency) functionality. When combined with any the ebode Powermid Pro products, you will be able to use your ebode TAKE6 IR/RF remote from any room in your home - or even through closed cabinet doors.

Get rid of the clutter and replace up to 6 remote controls with the ebode TAKE 6 IR/RF Universal Remote Control.

Where to Buy

Nodal Australia do not supply directly to retail customers. To purchase this product please contact www.envioustechnology.com.au.

To locate other resellers please contact us.

If your business is in a compatible industry then you may be interested in becoming a reseller for Nodal Australia.