ebode IR Link Pro - IR Extender Flush Mount

Product code: IRLPRFK

Product Description

Locate your remote controlled A/V equipment in a closed cupboard, TV cabinet or even in another room. Install the flush mount (fisheye) IR Receiver in view of your remote control. Stick the IR Emitter LEDs onto the front panel of your A/V equipment and place the IR Main Module out of sight.

Point your remote control at the IR Flush Mount Receiver in order to send the appropriate command to the IR Emitter LEDs (via the IR Main Module). These IR Emitter LEDs will then pass the IR signal onto your A/V equipment.

Featuring exclusive eIR2x (pronounced Irex) technology that guarantees a high level of immunity from infrared noise caused by direct sunlight, CFL lighting and flat panel TVs (including plasma, LCD and LED).

Two year replacement warranty.

Where to Buy

Nodal Australia do not supply directly to retail customers. To purchase this product please contact www.envioustechnology.com.au.

To locate other resellers please contact us.

If your business is in a compatible industry then you may be interested in becoming a reseller for Nodal Australia.